Enjoy your morning coffee in these beautiful mugs!

Enjoy your morning coffee in these beautiful mugs!

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Artistic, creative and customizable ~ our home accents break away from the normal, to give you something truly distinctive. Choose from our wide range of table accents, wall accents, keepsakes and so much more, to create your own special haven!

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Style your home, Your Way!

Craftslane helps you style your home, just the way you’d like. Through our wide range of customizable products, you have the luxury of picking the product that fits right in! Whether it’s an offbeat colour palette or a specific theme, you can customize Craftslane products with your own aesthetic influence! 

Our Journey behind every Product

Our products seek to give back to Society. We purchase and sell products from organizations whose causes we support.

One such example is the beautiful Hand Embroidered Kitchen Linens, from the Arpana Ashram, in the state of Haryana in northern India. So, join us, as we support the cause of self-empowerment and the upliftment of rural women in India.