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Craftslane is India’s only Art & Craft Supplier with in-house manufacturing of a large number of products including beautiful products in MDF for decorative and household use, as well as Laser Cuts, Chipboard Embellishments, Decoupage Paper, Paper Crafting Paper, Stamps and Stencils. This ensures that our artists and crafters always get the best prices possible for all these products!

Added to that is a wide range of the world’s best Art and Craft Supplies, making us a one stop shop for high quality and very competitively priced MDF Blanks, Paper Crafts, Paints, Stamps, Dies, Beads, Sequins, Glitter, Artist Brushes, Inks, Ink Pads, Baking Accessories, Knitting Yarn, Embroidery Kits and much more! These give you a huge range of possibilities to create unique Projects, and all these products are delivered right to your doorstep at no extra cost!

Craftslane also offers a unique customization option in a wide palette of beautiful shades!

Additionally, Craftslane now provides the unique option of customizing a myriad Home Decor products using the customers' own favorite designs, enabling crafters to increase production manifold! All you have to do then, is give it that flourish with your personal style. This way you get to customize more, make more and sell more!

What started as a love for arts & crafts and all things beautiful, translated into a passion for decoupage when our Founder lived in South Africa. With its vibrant art & craft scene and weekend craft markets, South Africa offered the perfect springboard for artists and crafters. On return to India this led to the creation of Craftslane, now a global player, enabling thousands of crafters across the country and worldwide, to explore their artistic and crafting passions and even create flourishing enterprises, by providing them with products for painting, decoupage, quilling, knitting, baking, embroidery and much more.

Come join us on our meander through the enthralling world of arts and crafts and enable yourself to enjoy life’s little pleasures while creating lasting footprints in the sands of time! 

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