About Craftslane
Craftslane is with you every step of the way, co-creating and collaborating, to enable you to enjoy life's little pleasures!
We would love to help you rediscover the charm in simple everyday pleasures. Whether it’s preparing for a special evening with friends, sending a thoughtful and useful gift to a loved one, or taking a deep dive into the world of art and craft! We invite you to do so in your own unique way!

Our Journey

What started as a love for art & craft and all things beautiful, translated into a passion for découpage when our Founder lived in South Africa. With its vibrant art & craft scene and weekend craft markets, South Africa offered the perfect springboard for artists and crafters. On return to India, this led to the creation of Craftslane, now a global player, enabling thousands of crafters across the country and worldwide, to explore their artistic and crafting passions and even create flourishing enterprises!

For over 15 years, Craftslane has represented excellent quality and unparalleled value!

And, today, we are all this and much more.

Craftslane Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is for you to enjoy life’s little pleasures. To celebrate the joy of every day by surrounding yourself with a pot-pourri of all things pretty.

Our Vision is to provide you with a safe haven, for our Website is more than just a store. It is a place where you can give wings to your creativity in your own inimitable way!

Everyday, In Every Way, We Seek to Provide

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Joy in The Every Day
The Hummingbird in the Craftslane Logo sums up what we stand for! Just as the Hummingbird hovers, savors, and then takes the sweet nectar from the flowers, we wish for you to savor and enjoy all the little pleasures our products offer.

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A Platform for Creativity
Craftslane is a place where we enable you to take pride in creative expression and take away something extraordinary, that is truly and only you! That specially decorated corner in your home, the gifts that you give, or the artworks that you create!
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Responsible Citizenship
Craftslane is committed to sourcing and manufacturing products in a responsible, sustainable, and mindful manner. If this means purchasing more expensive paints or the best quality of wood we do so. So that you are safe. As are our employees.
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Giving Back to Society
A percentage of our sales are used to give back to our Community. We not only contribute to select foundations every year, we also purchase and sell products from organizations whose causes we support. So, remember, every time you make a purchase at Craftslane, you are also giving back to society!
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We remain committed to being dependable partners. Finding you unique world-class products sourced from around the globe. Producing products of exceptional quality. And working with best in class service providers.
Join Us in A Journey to Discover the Joy of Being That Uniquely Special You!
Surround Yourself with Everyday Elegance and Beauty.
Create Cherished Memories That Last A Lifetime.
Spread Love & Happiness as Only You Can.

Because when you stop and look around, life is pretty amazing!